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Hunt Run Festiwal 2019

The Hunt Run Festival is the first Sport and Music Festival in Poland. The event will take place on 4-7 July 2019 in Białka Tatrzańska. It is already the 8th edition of the obstacle course, which in 2018 herded 4.5 thousand people. In 2018, in the evening or sports events, and all other activities over 8 500 people took part.

Among them there were great passion runners, admirers of mountain trails, total sports fans1, typical couch potatoes and fans of weekend trips. The campsite itself acommodated 1 200 participants! The main concert this year will be played by Nocny Kochanek, since this performer was the community's main wanted (the community is the most important for the organizers).

The Hunt Run Festival has a chance to become the biggest event in Poland this year in terms of high attendance of obstacle course participants, as well as the range of events it offers. The organizers expect about 15 thousand people. The whole festival is an opportunity to have good fun, a mountain adventure and a chance to meet the mass of cool, young and active people, thanks to non-stop integration on the spot.

The formula of sports competitions will be the same. The obstacle course will take place as always in a wild vibe. The novelty will be Mocarny Dzik (the Mighty Wild Boar run) with a 18 km distance, which immediately generated a lot of interest. Races for the youngest sports enthusiasts are also planned. The Family Dzik (Family Wild Boar) distance was a good idea at Hunt Run CAMP, where children run a 4 km route with their parents. In addition, classic distance races: 6 km - Dobry Dzik (Good Wild Boar) and 10 km - Hardy Dzik (Plucky Wild Boar) will be organized. Except for the main race competition, there will be an opportunity to take part in the evening events, which in the current season (in 2018) got a huge applause of the participants.

We know from the analyses that about half of our participants are novices. We enjoy this immensely and we set ourselves the goal that Festival may attract new people and inspire them to do sport. Therefore, we will continue to try educating our novices. We will convince them that everyone starts with a single step - just put on your shoes and start marching, so that you can later go running. Many people come at our comptetitions as a challenge and start with little experience. We would like to encourage them to regular training and physical exercise - says Adam Sułowski.

For fans of concerts and good fun, we offer live music which can give the feel of emotions accompanying the contest. The organizers want to attract participants of the evening events who will cheer their friends, family and the whole Wild Boar Tribe. Each participant must feel like taking part in his personal World Cup.

What is the most important, we will gather during the Festival with a special purpose. The receipts of each starter package and concert ticket will be partly donated for running shoes for children from orphanages. We have received information that children often lack model and motivation - I want our "Wild Community" to become this model. From now on, the most important for us all will be the participation of each individual in the running and music events. I want the action to be so great in 2 years from now on, that we will make a yearly budget for 17 000 pairs of shoes every year. I believe deeply that we can do it together. Often I hear from other Organizers that Hunt Run creates a unique community that one may only envy us - Adam smiles.

Nocny Kochanek will perform on a much larger stage than in the previous edition. It is an interesting band, since in 2018 at the Pol&Rock Festival it gathered the largest public of over 700 thousand people. The Hunt Run community picked the band out as the star of the evening. If a specified number of people attend the event and certain attendance thresholds will be covered, then another performers will join. This, in turn, guarantees providing kids with even more running shoes. It is thus clear that this event will be definitely created by people.

I know that all Wild Boars liked our evening events, so during this edition we want to give participants even more excitement and positive energy. We will prepare a bigger stage, lots of concerts and a lot of joint fun! We have always dreamed of such a scenario and I am glad that we got the chance to implement it. This is great merit of our friends from Kotelnica, who help us a lot with the artistic part, building the route and with the whole concept.

Tickets available on the official Hunt Run website. Starter packages and their cost will depend on the services the participant chooses.

The limit of run participants will be 5 000 people. It should be quickly reached. Except for choosing the contest itself, there will be other options. Among them one may find e.g. camping at the campsite that will be all fenced. Last year only at the campsites there were more than 1 000 people. The site is divided into: the Power Zone (Party People) and the Silence Zone (Those who need more peace during the events). The novelty will be appointing the commanders of camp zones, who shall be chosen from among the campers, which should facilitate communication on the organizers-campers line.

The live Facebook broadcasts with the Event Organizers have also been very popular so far. They will be continued and posted even more often. Other well-known guests will be invited to the broadcast, so they could certainly give the participants a lot of suggestions about the preparations or they may infuse motivation. There will be also king-pins to whom you may address your questions!

PS. One of the guests will be Jerzy Górski, the main character of the movie "The Best" ("Najlepszy"), who helped organize the first Hunt Run.

The first live broadcast is already available on the Hunt Run profile on Facebook. During the broadcast, the Organizers talk about the progress in organizing the event, a bit more about the upcoming changes, the next edition, and contest preparations.

The official announcement of the 2019 event may be found at the following link:

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