Stacja Narciarska Kaniówka Ski

About the station

The Kaniówka ski station comprises 5 ski lifts in the upper section of Białka Tatrzańska. We are part of Kotelnica Białczańska, the largest ski complex in Podhale. Jointly with other fourteen ski resorts we create the largest project of the ski industry in Poland - a common Tatry Super Ski pass.

What distinguishes our ski station is first of all a family atmpsphere and numerous attractions for the youngest.. In our complex there are both routes and lifts for the youngest and novice skiers, as well as for those who have already made their first steps in skiing and are more experienced.

We offer comprehensive ski training - from the basics - carried out by our ski school Kaniówka Ski. Both the school itself and instructors who conduct courses have many years of experience. More information about the training you may find on the website

Next to the resort there are: an inn, sport equipment rentals and accommodation facilities, as well as spacious car park.

Our lifts:

  • 4-seater chair lift with a length of 450 m, a difference of 90 m, transport capacity 2200 persons / h max. riding speed 2.3 m / s
  • T-bar lift, 430 m long, difference of 90 m, transport capacity 720 people / h
  • T-bar lift 190 m long, difference of 25 m, transport capacity 900 people / h
  • T-bar lift 120 m long, difference of 20 m, transport capacity 800 people / h
  • Belt conveyor designed for the youngest skiers, 65 m long, difference of 5 m